Meet The Makers

Hi! I am Serena, the designer, artist and hands behind Salty & Sunkissed.

   I started making jewelry as a hobby in my teen years. I made it on and off for several years, mostly for myself and as gifts for friends. My creations always reflected my love of nature, especially the beach. People would always tell me I should open an online shop and sell what I made but I always hesitated, thinking that I would never get any sales. After moving to Florida in 2017 I was finally living the salt life I always wanted. This inspired me to finally take the leap and open my shop, which I did in September of that year. I am so happy I did! Since I love all things summer, beachy and tropical, these are the elements that inspire my designs. I enjoy creating jewelry inspired by that feeling of being salty and sunkissed after an amazing day at the beach.  
This is my husband Shaun
He has been working in construction since the age of 17. But when the world changed in 2020, he needed to adapt as most of us did! And since this was the year that my business really took off he started helping me! Not only will you see him featured in my social media videos but he helps me order supplies, package orders, build displays and organizers, and he even helps make jewelry! 
We hope you enjoy wearing our jewelry as much as we do creating it!

Thanks for supporting our small business!
Stay salty my friends!